Our Functions

Abundant track record of international trade between China/Taiwan and North America.

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Network building function

Collaborating with our partners in North, Central America, and ASEAN, providing valuable information and networks that meet the customer's needs.

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Market Development function

Based on the customer’s needs, developing global markets. By collecting and analyzing information on the world market through global network we match the supply and demand.


We provide optimal means of logistics regardless of land, sea or air. In addition, we are actively involved in the overall optimization of the finely-tuned supply chain to meet customer needs.

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Financial Risk Management

Organized function

With more than 30 years of business experience with suppliers and partners in Japan, Taiwan, and China, we support in establishing a long-term global trading relationship.

Risk management function

Utilizing a diverse know-how based on information and experience, we select appropriate partners, form consortiums, and optimize the division of responsibilities to minimize risks associated with business promotion. To propose and implement optimal solutions for the risk prevention.